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Kevin Christian Perez

I just signed with this agency and they already found me a great job! Moreover, Stephen makes you feel welcome and well taken care of. In an industry and city where there's a lot of agency for which you'll just be a file taking dust in a big pile, it is great and refreshing to see someone with such a human, accessible and professionalism attitude. I definitely feel in good hands with this agency.

Mikael Frim 

Had a chat with Stephen on the phone week after joining the agency. He was absolutely amazing and easy to talk to. The agents and Stephen himself cares about the Artist in their books. Not only is he professional but also friendly, helpful, knows what he is doing and find many ways to put your name first on a casting directors list.

Henry Kane

Met Stephen last Thursday and came away from it feeling confident that I'd made a great choice. It's not very often that I have absolute confidence in a person, but Stephen is one of those people.

Christian McDonald

You will get something very valuable with this agency.... time.

I meet Stephen to talk about my ambitions and before we knew it 3 hour's had flown by. He has been there and done it.

Lesley Sim

Recently signed with this agency looking forward to working with them had conversation with Stephen and put me so at ease lovely guy

Myra Ford

An agency every actor dreams of finding - friendly, supportive, passionate and hard-working with a wealth of experience in the business. Stephen has the drive and determination to open doors. I feel privileged to be represented by him and his equally passionate team.

Lalita Hughes

Only just signed with paradigm, spoke to Stephen over the phone and he's everything you would want in an agent e.g. very friendly, open and positive! Excited to see what's to come!

Emily Morrissey

Professional, passionate and committed. Feel lucky to be apart of the agency and thoroughly look forward to working with you.

Justified Price 

Great individuals to work with, superb company 

Stella Garimbert

I meet Stephen, the owner of Paradigm, in person and I liked him straightaway. He believes in his artists and works hard for them everyday. 
The agency is very organised and always available. They give you a lot of support, advice and help any time you need it. That is amazing, not all the agents are like that. 
Glad to be represented by them.

Baeva Maria

Professionalism and passion are just some of the factors that define this agency and the people who working in, they know exactly the way to get you in front of the right people with active presence everywhere.I m very glad to be part of this agency

Gabri Sferopoulos

Supportive agency all the way. Great communication and exemplary guidance for achieving goals. Glad to be on board.

Domenica Cockle

Since gaining representation I have had soo much support and advice that has really helped me. I feel that my career is being taken care of and I'm so excited with the opportunities that will follow

Marie Lumley

Very Professional. Great Business Ethic.Elite Management and Team.

Eric Summer 

An agency run by passionate people. This is definitely one you can count on for your projects. (Movie Director)

Brittany Bearden

Stephen is very professional and his years of experience make him a priceless asset.

Kasey Iliana Sfetsios

Professional Agency with an experienced, welcoming and most helpful team, absolutely the best to work with!

Philip Jackson 

Great bunch of people to work with. Would highly recommend.

Nikki Flux

Hard-working with experienced staff and a presence to get you in the door.

Susan Evans

A fantastic company with fantastic people. Top artists featuring in high profile productions. Professional through and through. I would totally recommend this agency.

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